Our Mission

It’s easy to confuse mission & vision. Many corporations have long, convoluted mission statements that are paragraphs if not pages long… at The Bridge we like to keep things simple. A mission is an assignment, and our mission is:

“Connecting people to life by knowing, growing, and going.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a resourcing church where ALL AGES, ALL RACES, & ALL KINDS influence their world.”

Our Dream

“Our dream is to build a community of missional believers that seize the opportunity to reach out to this ever growing populous with the message of God’s grace.”

Our mission is to train and equip people to fulfill their destiny, having a positive effect on the marketplace, the arts, science, politics, education, and all facets of society.

With our missions heart to impact the world, we are not only called to be a missions training and resource center, but to touch the world in our own back yard. We believe everyone is called to be a missionary – loving and leading the people in your everyday life.

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